for the European Parliament and Commission

Direct Selling, a reliable channel of distribution for quality products


Fair Competition

Fair competition is one of the cornerstones of the internal market. It safeguards equal opportunities for all businesses and ensures consumers’ access to a wide range of products and services.

We urge EU policy makers to secure fair conditions for all market players, not only traditional but also growing alternative retail channels such as direct selling. We hope for a comprehensive, future proof competition policy, that takes into consideration rapid changes in market environments.


Changing World of Work

The traditional work environment is being constantly reshaped by technological develop­ments. Digitalisation means novel forms of jobs and changing work conditions for standard forms of jobs and employment - including those that are still not well recognised.

We are happy to see the EU closely monitoring these changes and already starting to adapt its legislation accordingly. We call on the EU to continue reflecting the changing work environment into new policies. We urge for further EU initiatives that support, promote and recognise the training of skills that are fit for the 21st century job market. Additionally, we ask the EU to promote flexible working conditions as a top priority in the new work environment.



Entrepreneurship is an important driver for competitiveness, growth and jobs. Direct selling promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and provides independent business opportunities to millions of Europeans.

We request the EU to continue supporting and boosting micro-entrepreneurs through legislative and non-legislative initiatives. Therefore, we call for setting up a platform on micro-entrepreneurs at European level with the aim of supporting the exchange of best practices in national policies.


Single Market

We support a strong single market, where businesses can flourish and consumers can benefit from a wider choice of products and services.

We urge EU decision makers to continue in this direction by harmonizing rules even further and by reducing the administrative burden for businesses operating across the EU. At the same time, we firmly support stronger enforcement tools for the European Commission to ensure Member States’ compliance with EU rules.

Direct Selling is...

A method of retail and marketing goods and services, directly to consumers, in their homes or at any other location, away from permanent retail premises. It is usually conducted face-to-face, at the place where products are demonstrated: either to an individual, or to a group (home parties).

A model that works. In a digital retail environment, modern consumers are well informed when browsing and purchasing products online. Direct selling has adjusted to the digital retail space, as many sellers choose to sell products online.

Direct Selling, a reliable channel of distribution for quality products

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use personal, social and professional networks to contact customers


A strong commitment to the highest standards of ethics and consumer protection across the EU

With consumers’ satisfaction at its core, direct selling helps deliver sustainable growth for all by combining outstanding products with the highest standard of personalised service.